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Equity release

equity release mortgagesNeed help unlocking money from your home so you can use it to help provide the lifestyle you want?

If you are over 55 and own your home, then equity release can be a solution if you need or want cash to enhance your lifestyle. Typical reasons why people consider equity release are to:

– make improvements to the home
– clear a mortgage or other debt
– buy a car
– pay for a holiday
– make gifts to family
– help fund care
– or just make their day-to-day living more comfortable

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There could be so many other reasons too.  The fact is everybody’s situation is different and this is the reason you should obtain high quality independent advice tailored to your circumstances.

Equity release isn’t for everyone.  There is often another, possibly cheaper, option to a lack of cash, such as downsizing. But, if you are happy in your home, have benefited from increases in its value and are considering accessing some of it, our independent advice will be both helpful and make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Our Promise

Taking out an equity release mortgage is a big decision, which is why we will be with you every step of the way; from initially outlining the alternative options, to informing you of the implications if you proceed, to sourcing the right equity release product when you decide to go ahead. 

We will consider and explain the pros and cons of equity release and how it could impact your life.  This could be positive, such as a new car or a holiday or negative, such as how it might affect any benefits you receive.  If you decide to proceed we will guide you through the whole process from application to completion.

So, if you are like some retirees who find themselves asset rich and cash poor, finding out how an equity release product can provide a tax-free lump sum and/or regular drawdown amounts as and when you require them, might be worthwhile.

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Equity Release specialist advice you can depend on

As we are 100% independent, you can be confident we will always have your interests at heart and will give you the best advice possible. As graduate members of the Later Life Academy you can rest assured our expertise is completely up-to-date and everything we do is fully compliant.

Our specialist equity release mortgage advice includes:

  • Establishing whether you are eligible to apply for an equity release scheme
  • Explaining how equity release schemes work
  • Outlining the different types of equity release schemes available, including roll-up lifetime mortgages and interest payment mortgages.
  • Determining whether an equity release scheme will affect your benefits

If you are considering an equity release product we will be happy to provide a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss your requirements.  At the end of this consultation we will provide you details of your options and how they would affect you.  We are happy to include other family members in any conversations we have with you if you want us to.

Equity Release fees

As equity release mortgages require more stringent compliance than standard mortgages, we may need to charge for our services should you decide to make an application, but we will always be upfront and open with you about all the fees involved with the process, what they are for and who receives them. No fees will be payable unless you make an application for an equity release product.

Find out more about equity release mortgages

We understand that equity release provides attractive advantages to some people.  If you have benefitted from increases in the value of your home but suffer from a lack of cash, equity release may allow you to access some of the equity you have built up without the need to make payments or move home.

Contact us today to learn more

Contact us today for a free, no obligation, discussion and/or initial consultation to find out more about equity release and how we can help.

We provide independent equity release advice.

Here’s what just some of our clients have said:

Nadia Saadi

We used PF Financial for getting a mortgage and to be honest we had both had complicated situations. Jed and James were absolutely amazing, I have never received such attentive and helpful service. Nothing felt like too much trouble to James as I would call daily with another challenge which would always be resolved quickly. They got us a mortgage really quickly and gave such fantastic help, advice and support. I recommend them highly and will be back in the future.

Nadia Saadi

Michael Gill

We used these guys when we moved from Amersham to Chesham, and more recently to sell our place in Chesham. What makes these guys stand out is how they all work together as a team making sure all the parts of the transaction are as smooth and stress-free as possible. We also found our mortgage via their financial services team whom without we may not have got the deal we did. If you are considering buying or selling your property or simply need financial advice, you should drop in and talk to these guys.

Michael Gill

Mac Avenell

My partner and I found James Pinder and his colleagues to be extremely helpful, always assisting with our needs and meeting our tight deadlines. As first time buyers, we knew little about the mortgage process and PF Financial provided us with all the necessary information, which in turn meant that we could buy our chosen property. We would recommend using PF Financial to anyone wanting reliable financial/ mortgage advise.

Mac Avenell