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You may be seeking wealth creation or preservation, growth or income from your money. 

Maybe your aims are linked to an investment portfolio or your retirement planning, they could relate to inheritance tax. 

The fact is everyone has different aims and our holistic approach often results in us advising on a combination of many areas. 

Our aim is simply to fully understand yours! Because, only by doing so, can we provide the best possible solution advice which means both our aims and yours, align. 

Long term relationship​

We believe in long term relationships with our clients, many have been using us for over 20 years.  They tell us they like our use of plain English when explaining the, sometimes complicated, solutions we are recommending. We like also to fully involve our clients in the investment process.

Crucial to any investment advice is the question of risk and how much they are comfortable in taking with their money. As such, as part of an initial consultation we will always have an in depth conversation with clients to ascertain their natural risk appetite and to determine whether this needs to change for a particular reason, such as your investment timeframe. We have designed a very comprehensive range of both low cost index tracking and fully manged investment portfolios to meet all levels of risk and we provide bespoke investment solution advice too. We’re here to help you reach your investment and retirement goals.

Free initial financial consultation

As stated above, everyone’s circumstances and objectives are different.  This is why we offer a free, no obligation consultation/discussion as part of our initial advice service so we can get to understand yours and so you can decide whether you would like to work with us.

At the end of the consultation we will give you clear information as to how we can help and detail the associated fees. You are under no obligation to use us, but if you do choose to instruct us, we will perform a more in-depth analysis of your situation, views, and/or current plans and provide you with a detailed recommendation report.  We will then discuss and can amend our recommendations if necessary and once agreed we will implement them for you.

If you wish to extend our business relationship you have the option of our ongoing advice service which instructs us, at a regular agreed timescale, to review your investments, their performance and their ongoing suitability to your potentially changing situation.

Pension advice


Most people reach a point in their lives when they want to retire from work either fully or partially.  But to do so you will need to have adequate funds to replace what you previously earned.

The best way to do this is through a pension. Money held in pension plans can accumulate to a significant figure, so it makes sense to have it reviewed and monitored.  We offer an independent initial review and also an ongoing advice service for money held within pension plans.

As part of our initial review we will discuss your risk profile and determine whether your current plan/s match it.  We will also examine the investment funds used within a plan and assess whether they will enable you to reach your desired income level at your chosen retirement age.


When you decide to retire, there are likely to be many options available to you. But this greater flexibility means increased complexity. It’s why we will always explain everything in plain English, so you feel comfortable with what’s going on. As well as discussing your income requirements, we will recommend the best options for you and go through all the advantages and disadvantages of guaranteed income and/or pension drawdown options.

As graduate members of the Later Life Academy, we have a good understanding of the challenges that exist for older clients, so you can feel confident you are in safe hands.

Whether you are investing for growth, income or a combination of both, you will want to ensure that you are getting a good return on your money.

We have developed a large range of both low-cost tracker and managed model portfolios designed to meet different attitudes to risk.  We can also provide you with bespoke investment recommendations, if you would prefer a different approach. All our investment recommendations will take into account your personal circumstances and attitude to risk and aim to be as tax efficient as possible.  The complexity of investment products vary greatly and some are not suitable for everyone so receiving advice on the more complex investments is advisable.

We can provide advice on the following products.

  • Deposit & Savings Accounts
  • National Savings
  • ISAs
  • Unit Trusts/OEICS
  • Investment Trusts
  • Investment Bonds
  • And many more

If you are considering investing it is important to remember that the value of your investment and the income generated could fall as well as rise and that there is no guarantee you will get back more than you invested.


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